• 250+ Live acts and DJs, brought to you by Kamino Records, Mindspring Label, Own Spirit Festival and Fusion Culture. 
  • 70+ World famous digital artists
  • Holistic workshops, seminars, spiritual ceremonies and handcraft sessions
  • Live Bands and Musicians
  • VR experience, 2D access or Live stream platform


"Take Me to your Burn" started as a bold initiative to gather some of the best visual crypto artists in a virtual world named Somnium Space. We wanted to give them an opportunity to show their art to Burners around the world in these crazy COVID times, but the Burner spirit took over the project and rapidly expanded to fully immersive and interactive virtual festival on its own. During this amazing journey for last month, a team of 10 dedicated burners joined by more than 300 collaborators around the world are preparing to bring an unforgettable experience for the Burning man week. No only you will be able to dive into this virtual world and have an actual stroll from group to solo expo, enjoy some crazy rides, nifty architecture and 360° art installations.... no, there is a lot more involved in these 9 days of continuously refreshing experience explosions. A gigantic list of live acts from around the world will be streaming to and from our platform. 

We have joined forces and collaborating with Kamion Records, Mindspring label, Own Spirit festival, Fusion culture to bring more than 250 DJs and musicians that will stream live and perform at specially built and decorated for the event camp stages. 60+ world famous digital artists will present different forms of their visual art at 30+ galleries and perform live shows like live sculpting their burn in Tiltbrush VR. 

Our mission is to create a fully immersive and interactive experience of this 4D virtual event, where the limitless amount of burners can join our platform for live streaming with dedicated chat rooms for every camp, join VR experience in Somnium Space and fully transform to the borderless world of virtual reality or join in 2D client to share the experience with other participants. Most important that any way of participation will give you the full experience of a new multiverse where all of us can share our path and connect on a brand new level expanding the boundaries of the art, and contribution to the global community. One World One Burn. 



Through Kindling, Burning Man fans are offered five actions: Gather, Experience, Play, Co-learn and Ignite. Each one is centred around the idea of engagement through unique shared live experiences, like Desert Arts 3Viwe, a three-segment virtual event that celebrates the community's creative vision, and special panels about art and design. Burners are able to discover virtual parties, performances, screenings, and celebrations on the platform, which are curated by those in the Burning Man community and attend. They will also be able to engage with and gain access to unique insights from thought leaders, storytellers and creative leaders. 

Another unique component of Kindling is its capability for anyone to host a live experience within the platform. If you are planning a live experience that you'd like to be considered for inclusion on Kindling, simply navigate to the "Kindle A Project" button and submit your event. Moreover, those willing to donate can do so with a fully tax-deductible contribution. You can explore Kindling and all of its incredible experiences as its official website.